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Content that matches your customer’s interests and answers their questions will build new relationships, retain existing customers and produce more inbound traffic to your website. So the way you communicate should excite and nurture them through the buying process - and keep them coming back. 

Your website, blog and LinkedIn articles can all raise your profile with helpful and relevant content that gets shared, opens doors and leads to revenue. And don't forget those newsletters - a great way to share content and keep in touch with existing and potential customers.

“Ben’s ability to create sharp and entertaining content for our website has helped secure some attractive assignments." Richard Roberts, en:Rich HR

Article writing - for your blog and LinkedIn

You know what you want to say - but often struggle with saying it or finding the time. Does this sound like you?

You might need help with:

  • Articles for your website or blog - that educate and help your customers
  • Writing for LinkedIn Pulse - build your personal brand and share your expertise with a potentially huge audience
  • Setting up your LinkedIn profile - so it attracts the attention you want
  • ​Finding content - to share with your network and raise your profile
  • Google Analytics - measuring and interpreting the results

Case studies - that build trust and sell

There's noting like evidence of success to help convince your potential customers to take the next step to purchase. A case study is an ideal way to do this.

You might need help with:

  • Interviewing your customers to identify why their experience would encourage others to buy
  • Writing your success stories in a format that will sell

For examples of my work, I write for the Watertight Marketing website including producing all their case studies.

Newsletters - that sustain customer relationships

A email newsletter is an inexpensive way to keep in touch with customers and prospects.

You might need help with:

  • Writing and planning your email campaigns and newsletters
  • Sending via Mailchimp or other email marketing systems

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I'm an accredited, trained and licensed member of the Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant network.

The Watertight Marketing methodology supports ambitious entrepreneurs with programmes that deliver long-term sales results - you can find out more here.



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