How much time will you waste on social media this year?


Three expert sources of time saving social media guidance.

Social media has the potential to do great things for your business - I’ve seen it happen. Tweets that lead to new relationships and long term business - even a client of mine who found himself training in Mauritius for a week, thanks to LinkedIn. That’s the good stuff.

But it can also feel like a drain on resources that either doesn’t deliver or when it does - we don’t know which part it was. A little like that classic line “50% of my advertising is working - I’m just not sure which half.”

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How many times have you heard that we can ‘do social media in 20 minutes a day’? It sounds great - but if half of that time is actually wasted - even just 10 minutes a day - that’s a staggering 40 hours a year that don't pay you back, based on 240 working days. That's effectively a week working for no return.

Keeping up with the rate of change

Of course there is a learning curve and a degree of wastage in any aspect of marketing - we can’t expect everything to give 100% pay back. But social media seems harder to master because the rate of change is so fast. Think you’ve got to grips with Twitter? WhatsApp is growing 100% faster.

One thing we can be sure of - and this applies to virtually anything - if you keep doing what you are currently doing, you’ll get the same results. And if those results are not great, you are wasting your time.

So, if you really want to be doing the right things in social media, what do you need to consider?

  • Which social media tools suit what stages in a buying decision, so that you can work out if you have the right mix in place.
  • What content you need to have in place to make sure the time you put into social media pays you back. 
  • How to weave social media into your more traditional sales techniques to nudge a customer over the line.

And where do you go for the answers?

My previous article talked about marketing overwhelm - the sheer amount of content out there that makes it very easy to get lost in a sea of options. Social media probably tops the list. 

So let’s keep things simple. Here are just three sources that I’ve read, I rate - and I know the people who wrote them too. They know their stuff!

29 ways to get found in social media

Here’s a handy list on key things you can do to get yourself, your business and your content found in social media. Watertight Marketing author Bryony Thomas shares her best social media visibility tips.

How to use Facebook marketing for business

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media channel with over 1 billion users accessing it every day. It’s one of the most powerful marketing channels available – both to consumer and business marketers. My colleague Ros Conkie at Watertight Marketing has written this helpful guide to Facebook marketing.

A great book: Relax! It’s only Social Media

Written by Luan Wise, a chartered marketer with more than 15 years’ experience of B2B marketing and now an expert contributor to LinkedIn. Luan’s helpful book breaks social media down into easy to read guidance and ensures that you are using the right platform(s) for your business.


There’s no shortage of social media advice available, you can’t possibly read it all. To get the best return on the time you devote to social media it’s far better to absorb a few nuggets of quality information and try and action some of it - even a little every day is a good plan. The above sources are a good place to start.

I help clients raise their profile on social media - mainly through creating quality marketing content and helping them share it. If you have any social media questions, please get in touch.


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