Don't be a Scrooge with your Christmas marketing


It's not too late to spread the goodwill with these Christmas marketing tips

We all know the story of Scrooge. Just when he realised what Christmas was all about - it was almost too late to spread the goodwill. If only he had felt the festivity a few weeks earlier he wouldn’t have had to dash for the last turkey in town. 

Fortunately, my friends at Watertight Marketing are far more festive - they’ve written some great Christmas marketing tips and there’s even a video and a checklist. It turns out there’s a lot more to think about than I thought.

Making the most of your Christmas card

Even something as simple as the company Christmas card can throw up a list of things to think of. Who will you send it to, is your data up to date, what will it look like, whether to go printed or e-card and even why it’s a good idea to have a few left over for the ones that land on your desk unexpectedly. 

Watertight Marketing author Bryony Thomas goes into more detail in her article How to make the most of your company Christmas card.

Gifts and cultural considerations

Beyond the card there’s the issue of gifts, hospitality, promotions and the channels you use - print, digital, social media - and don’t forget cultural considerations in a multi-faith country. Do you send a Christmas message or something with a more seasonal theme?

It’s also not the time to show that you don’t know your client. For example, sending alcohol to non-drinkers really shows you’ve not noticed the basics or bothered to find out. It also shows a lack of imagination.

For a Christmas gift which stands out, find out what your customers are into and choose a gift which suits them. A small, thoughtful gift related to their hobby or passion will be much more warmly received than yet another calendar or box of chocolates.

A chance to say thank you

The Christmas season is also a chance to thank those people who work for your customers who make your life easier to do business with them - it could be the accounts assistant, the receptionist, the office manager, or other junior person. A simple gift is always appreciated.

Get the free guide and video

It's not too late! With a bit of planning you don’t have to be like Scrooge - or me! There’s no need to leave your Christmas marketing to the last minute and no shortage of ways of spreading the festivity to your customers, prospects and suppliers.

Get hold of the Watertight Marketing guide to the key things you need to put together an excellent Christmas marketing activity plan for your business. 

Oh and Seasons Greetings, brrr.......


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