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  • 7 tips to build great customer loyalty

    Posted By Ben Wheeler 25 Mar 2018

    How to look after your customers in a way that will delight them - and sustain your sales revenue in equal measure.

  • 5 ways to charge more for your services

    Posted By Ben Wheeler 23 Jan 2018

    Setting (and obtaining) the right price is important for any business so, what can you do to raise your fees?

  • Keep it simple - why offering less can lead to more

    Posted By Ben Wheeler 16 Aug 2017

    Clearer focus on your service offer brings advantages for a smaller business or solo consultant.

  • Marketing resolutions of a solopreneur

    Posted By Ben Wheeler 28 Jan 2017

    What will you do differently this year to build a stronger business? I share my personal top 5 marketing resolutions - but it’s not all about work.

  • Marketing and content tips for events and trade shows

    Posted By Ben Wheeler 02 Jun 2016

    Events and trade shows can be costly to attend as an exhibitor - so you’ll want to maximise your visibility and impact before, during and afterwards.

  • How Watertight is your Marketing?

    Posted By Ben Wheeler 11 May 2016

    Learn how to spot the profit leaks in your business and improve your marketing to stop them.

  • How to make it easier for prospects to become customers

    Posted By Ben Wheeler 19 Aug 2015

    Do you have good relationships with your prospects but are missing the sales to match?

  • Taking the cold out of cold calling

    Posted By Ben Wheeler 10 Aug 2015

    The better you start the call, the quicker you’ll establish their interest - and the more relaxed you'll be.

  • How to shine as a guest speaker

    Posted By Ben Wheeler 30 Mar 2015

    Being a guest speaker can be a great way of building relationships and winning new clients.

  • Why your sales messages need logic and emotion

    Posted By Ben Wheeler 02 Mar 2015

    Exploring emotions might be hard work for Mr Spock - but they are a great asset in winning sales.

  • The simple recipe for unlimited customers

    Posted By Ben Wheeler 13 Feb 2015

    A masterclass in delivering a great customer experience from New Zealand.


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